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World Stride Space School is a unique eleven day trip to the USA designed to inspire, excite and motivate students about science and space research. The trip includes six days at Orlando, during which students participate in educational activities at Kennedy Space Centre and also visit Sea world. The trip also includes two days in New York City, two day in Niagara, one day at Washington DC. In Washington the students will get an opportunity to see the White House, US Supreme Court, Washington and Lincoln memorials and more. They will take a guided tour of the US Capitol (parliament) and explore the National Museum of Air and Space. In New York, students will spend two days visiting famous attractions like the Statue of Liberty, United Nations and the Empire State Building etc. In Niagara they will get a chance to see the beautiful illumination and also get soaked with the mist from the Niagara River. Also satisfy your sweet tooth by visiting the Hershey’s Chocolate factory.

Wonderful opportunities to train young minds to unlock the key of universe by themselves involving in Study of universe. Our itinerary Spans for 8 days including 3 days space center programme. The travel starts from FRANKFURT futher moving to HEIDELBERG regarded as one of Germany's mostbeautiful cities located on the River Neckar.
Next three days will be at EURO SPACECENTRE (Transinne) where 21 hrs activity will based on 3 themes – Astronaut, Astronomy and Rocket Building .Student’s Dream of becoming astronaut gets fired when they experiences Moonwalk,zerogravity,micro rocket workshop,Daily life in (ISS), Shuttle mission simulation and many more activites.Next comes the dream for all, Paris where students will enjoy dysney land and panaromic city tour covring magnificient EIFFEL TOWER.

One of the main attractions in French Guiana is Europe's Spaceport. You will be taken to witness launch site of ARIANE 4 with our guided tour.The Exposure wll fill you with the ambition tobecome one to travel the space birds

With us student get opportunity to Explore Japan’s chaotic neon-filled capital and sample a traditional tempura dinner, race of a bullet train to Kyoto,to visit the Kinkakuji Temple and watch a Kimono show, then tour Osaka’s 16th century castle and eat a traditional Okonomiyaki dinner and many.The exposure of japan makes student think about growth & development of Nation.

French is the 2nd most spoken language in the world & one of the challenges in learning a another language or developing fluency in one is the opportunity to be able to read & speak it / have people to converse with you in that language.Immersion has for long been considered one of the best ways to learn a new language or become better at it as it offers many opportunities to read, speak & converse in that language with the natives in its true form Our program offers students of French at all levels & age groups an opportunity to develop their proficiency in the language

Singapore is a global commerce, finance and transport hub.It is ranked highly in education, healthcare, life expectancy, quality of life, personal safety and housing.It is a worth visiting Country for School & College students.We will prepare Customized itinerary for the students where you can visitMarina Barrage & Gallery, School of Hard Knock,Yakult Factory Visit,NEW water Plant industrial Visit,Snow city + Science Center,Singapore Zoo,Jurong Bird Park and much more.